macOS Sierra: what beta ?

I installed two macOS Sierra this morning: 16A293a, then 16A304a.

In the App Store window, only one of these appears and it is noted as bta 6 (French).

Do you know what these version # are in beta language ?

Nice Tim, really nice !

I searched @ macrumors and french web site, and that search failed. Since I am curious, I wanted to know.

I searched there: (not in the forum !) and nothing but in the forum !!!

This recalls me when I wanted to install Windows 10 Anniversary Edition: at 11:00 (wednesday morning), even Microsoft France does not say a single word about it. I downloaded the ISO, and 30 minutes later, I get the answer (in the afternoon)…

And I try to not be in the first to do things (too many people, internet speed that slow like snail, etc.)

Thank you Tim !

PS: Tim, do you know this newspaper ?
Rochester Evening Journal - Jan 16, 1935 (check the comics page #12). The quality is not top notch.
(in 1923, they printed Thimble Theater (many years before Popeye’s coming…)