macOS on External Drive

I’m sure this is “easy”… but I can’t wrap my head around it :frowning:

I need to create an external drive with a clean High Sierra install (there will be NOTHING else on this drive)
It would be used to boot another Mac to bypass the macOS currently installed.

What I can’t figure out is how to make this install happen… It seems it wants to install HS on the computers main drive…
I need to do this as to NOT disrupt the installed drive/os at all

did you format external disk for Mac already?

After you run the installer on your Mac, and after accepting the license agreement, you should be able to click “Show all disks” and select your external drive in there.


Gavin is correct as I have 10.13 running on external HD and ran the installer from my 10.12 OS
Oh and like Christian said make sure to format the External drive first

Formatting in GUID mode is not a straight forward as it once was.
That and missing the “Select Disk” option were the problem


Lovely… I got in on the external drive… it rebooted the computer, and I did all the config stuff…

NOW when I reboot. it comes up, and asks for the password…
BUT REFUSES to accept it! and I know I’m not typing it wrong, as it is “XXXX” … kinda hard to screw that up :slight_smile: