Macos Htmlviewer

Hi, I want to load in a htmlviewer the web of an Axis IP camera but when I have done it, the HTML output with the camera image is not showed. This is the same result that if I put the ip adress at SAFARI so I understand that XOJO htmlviewer use SAFARI render, but in Google Chrome at MacOs the web is rendered correctly and the video camera output is right so my question is:

Can I change in the HTMLViewer control the render to Chrome? Is there any other control that do that?


I doubt it’s possible to change the browser used (but i’m a noob here).
I didn’t knew anything about an Axis cam, so I googled “axis camera safari” and got :

Now you know what the problem probably is: the H.264 encoding.
So, maybe you can set the camera to use another enoding?

I’m using MJPEG encoding.

The best you could do is open your movie in Chrome from the app.

  • Add a property sh as shell to your window or in a module.

This will open the movie in Chrome:

[code]sh = new shell

Dim chrome As folderItem = specialfolder.applications.child(“Google”)

Dim movie As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.desktop.child(“spacetest.mp4”)

sh.execute("open -a “+chrome.shellpath+” "+movie.ShellPath)[/code]

I wrote and shared the declare to launch files with a selected program on Mac somewhere around the forum…