macOS Freezing Finder

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, 2017 27" iMac… lots of memory, lots of diskspace

Lately I have run across this very annoying issue … has anyone else experienced this? and if so found a solution?

  • I have Three(3) finder windows open
  • One of them has 200 icons, (call this “C”) of which quite a few got overwritten (the files are not corrupt, just I screwed up and they are black squares)
  • One of them has an original icon (call this “A”) … the image is what I want, but it needs to be renamed to match the above folder
  • the last is just a temp folder (call this “B”)

I am doing the following steps

  • Copy an icon from “A” to “B”
  • rename the copy that is in “B” to match what is in “C”
  • copy that icon to “C” overwriting the “black” one

However… all of a sudden… at step #2 Finder goes out to lunch (not responding)
If I relaunch Finder the renamed icon shows as it should, but WIndow “A” closes

At any one time none of the windows contain more than 200(ish) files

In the meantime, I will reboot the computer but I don’t think that will have much affect.

How are you initiating this? FolderItem procedures are locking, but that generally only affects your app.
However, DropObject can freeze the Finder if you’re using the files immediately (in the event). This has been a problem for every example project you’ve shared with a drop zone.

I’m not sure what you’re doing with all of this, but is Automator out of the question? I find that works well for batches of things.

This was all dragging within Finder, from one Finder window to the other.
Rebooting the machine seemed to “clear it up”

And I could not “batch” it, as each icon that was moved needed a unique name change.

I used the temp “B” folder to stage the icon after I manually changed the name so as to not lose track of which Icons I needed to replace in “C”… had I deleted all the “black” icons it would have been difficult to get them all straight again

Oh this was all within Finder? That’s not good. I don’t know of any other way to kick the system back into gear than a restart. Some crazy folks I know do a fresh wipe install once yearly like this is Windows XP or something.

yeah… all in Finder… and in the years I have been using macOS. this is the first time I ever had such an issue. but a reboot did seem to resolve it

Try the PRAM and/or PMU reset for your machine (you’ll have to search Apple’s site because they’re machine specific). That’s usually what I find to be the issue when Finder acts up like that.

which is probably what fixed it when I rebooted :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. These chips have power to them all the time via an on-board battery. I just wanted to put it out there In case the problem persists through a reboot.

In the AppleScript Editor you can quit the Finder and launch it (with an AppleScript command of by a click in its icon in the Dock.

I would run Disk utilities (whateer its name is nowadays) in case of trouble in the HD (structure or other).
Sometimes nothing is reported, but something was changed and the trouble goes away.

Now, in > 30 years of the Finder use, I cannot say I saw a similar thing. I get infected by a CD Virus (that freezd the Finder while writing itself on all on line mass storage).

I saw slowdown because of lack of memory (Firefox having troubles and getting all the available memory / all CPU cycles), etc.

Nota: I am stuck (now) with El Capitan, so…