[macOS] Extracting my app from a zip archive gets marked as corrupted and cannot run


I truly need some help as i’m unable to get out of this alone…

I have my macOS app build, runs fine, using macOS archive utility i zip it and place on a server.

Now if i download it from the server and extract the archive macOS says the app it’s damaged and cannot run. The problem happens when i transfer the app to the server as if i try to unzip the app from my computer (before the upload) everything runs fine and the app works.

I’ve already tried different upload locations and different ways to do the upload (Finder, Transmit etc…).

Maybe someone has an hint on why my app gets corrupted?


How are you uploading and downloading it?

If it is FTP connection then check that it is being upload and downloaded as a binary file. If not then the file will be ruined during the transfer.

All I can think of for now.

don’t be shy, share versions #, if notarized etc., … zipped with Apple Utility (on Finder Right-Click) ?

Have tried to do the same with Apple’s TextEdit ?
(if it works, your process is OK)…

If your app is not code signed and notarised then it is more than likely the macOS Gatekeeper service blocking the app from running.

To confirm, you can try clearing the quarantine flag on the application after unzipping it and before you try to run it.

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Hello @Ian_Kennedy, server is local so i just drag and drop it from the finder, then i try to download it from the server web service using http protocol.

Hi @Emile_Schwarz, no app is not notarized as it’s for internal use only, but yes i do zip it with Apple Utility.
Process should be ok, if i put the zipped file in a USB stick and copy manually in all the computers the app works, it’s just the upload/download process that breaks it.

Hello @kevin_g, did the test you suggested and yes, it’s under quarantine… removed it from the list and everything works. App is for internal use only so i never bothered to sign and notarize it… think i have do to it in order to deliver updates…

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