macOS Error -8076

I get this kind of error lately from High Sierra 'till Big Sur.

Any idea ?

Error: -8076


I got these after googling:

If an error occurred while updating or installing macOS - Apple Support

How to fix Mac error code 8076? ( Talks about error 8076 not -8076 ?!?

What is error code 8076 - Apple Community From Apple


Thank you Gilles.

None apply to my case (this is not a Permissions problem).
But I found the report dialog (in English, but this is the dialog I get).

It is related to rename, but happens when I try to rename more than one file (it never happens when I rename a single file). A huge difference.

I found some more posts about this error code that all agree on one thing: this happens when renaming files. All with the same explanations: you don’t have the right to rename those files, a file is held by the OS, etc. But the specific case you describe is not found on any of these posts unfortunately

I’m tired of these secrets, unknown codes and behaviours on Mac OS.
We should be able to know&fix what happens on our Macs rather than Apple being the only one who knows about these messages and meanings.

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You’re not the only one. I don’t think it’s done out of malice, I believe it’s an indication of how poorly the 2.5 Trillion dollar company is organized internally and time constraints that come from forcing a new OS update once a year.

Do you have either stuffit expander or acrobat reader installed? Both install KEXT that change how renaming work.

No for both;
Stuffit: not used for a very long time
Acrobat Reader: I do not downloaded (yet ! But now I have to remember to not download it).

I think it is a multi-purpose code error;

i noticed yesterday evening that sometimes the Rename item in the Right-Click feature is disabled (this is a new thing).
Then I group rename a less number of files until I rename the file one at a time…

All appears in the Search window (trying to rename the found items, usually files).

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