macOS and Xojo System.DebugLog

I was debugging a very tricky problem yesterday using Xojo 2022 and macOS 12.4 and I could not figure out how to use properly.

Is there an easy way to get only the log messages emitted by my app using System.debugLog? (Talking about a built-app only) has a filter field, but if I do a keyword search on my app’s name, I still get a ton of spam messages from all the other apple processes.

This used to be easy in prior versions of macOS…

The best way I found, was to make my own logging system.

just use “[XOJO] you log message” prefix… and filter on the “[XOJO]” prefix, works perfect with

or filter on your bundle id

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You could use an app like Backlog. I had a look at the app here: Using BackLog to get information from the Console .

It’s really disappointing Apple made these changes in Console (in Mac OS 10.13, IIRC) so we now have to rely on third-party software to just make Console useable.

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