macOS App Icons

Hi - I am about to make my logo.pngs for my macOS Xojo app I have just created.

I thought I read somewhere on here that Xojo only accepts 72dpi images for the app icon - but now I can’t seem to find that post again.

Will Xojo accept 300dpi images - or do I need to make them again at 72dpi just for Xojo.

I’m running the latest Xojo on Catalina, on a 4k monitor if that is relevant.

Thank you all in advance.

iirc, it does not really matter because you can alter the Info.plist file the way you want, so you can use any icon macOS will accept (app icons are managed by the OS, not by Xojo).

For my app, I added it at 1024, 512 and 128px @ 72dpi in the app. If that helps, not sure if 300dpi is ok, maybe try it :slight_smile:

Thank you both. Maybe someone from Xojo has a definitive answer, before I go to through the hassle of recreating all my images.


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