macOS 11: IDE window changes position when the inspector is hidden/displayed

On macOS 11 (BigSur dev release 4), whenever I hide/display the inspector or library panes the entire IDE window jumps about 10 pixels upwards. This is happening in Xojo 2019R3.2 on my 13" retina MBP. I couldn’t find a feedback case describing this behavior, but I just wanted to check here to see if anyone else was seeing the same thing before I open a new one.

Can’t check right now because I broke my laptop with BS. But I made 2 feedback reports about windows moving around:


Yeah, It looks like the way that Window.Top is calculated in BigSur is different now (probably because of the new macOS menu style) and because it’s developed in Xojo, this is affecting the IDE as well.


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I hope that the bugs are fixed, soon. Unfortunately, my 2 bugs are still in “Needs review”.

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As in “no repairable”?
Because of BS or another reason?

Edit: just saw the reason in another thread.

My guess is this is an Apple bug.

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I think that there’s some fundamental issues with Big Sur, when using a toolbar as a “Pane selector” for preferences in my app, clicking on the icon makes the window move.

In regards to your issue, I use the key commands to hide/show the inspector/layouts and this doesn’t seem to reproduce the problem.

At least they fixed the window widgets in b4, they’re now 8 pixels from the left, instead of 6!

Sam, I have seen similar behavior here with a project using a toolbar as a lane-switcher in Big Sur as well. Definitely something going on with Window.Top.

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Fantastic. That was really bugging me.

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Lol, me too. So much so, I moved 'em myself!