Is there a way to close that mackeeper pop-window as soon as it pops up?
I don’t want to block all pop-up windows.



Why would you have this crapware on your computer?

Downoad and run MalwareBytes AntiMalware to get rid of it.

And in case you use MacUpdate: since last year they use their own installer that also installs crapware. Get the app from the original developer!

Best advice on Mac: Never ever load or buy any software, which offers you Security. Heck it’s Unix! Everything you need is on board!

Well, there has been cases of worms and viruses in OS X. Better safe than sorry. I do use Intego since.

Contrary to the mentioned cr@pware, it does not pop stupid windows.

I agree with all of the above and that is why I want to close the window as soon as it pops up or prevent it from popping up.

Any suggestions?



@Lennox Jacob Mackeeper problary has tried to dig itself deep into your system once you’ve authorized it. My advice would be to reinstall / clean install your macOS without data transfer from former backup.

I do not know much about MacKeeper, but because I also do not like to be constantly tracked or harassed by some ads I created a blacklist in my router which block those sites. Another option is to block those sites by entering their addres into the hosts-file on your pc/mac. Instruction here

@Christian Mézes HOSTS files doesn’t help much. Same with any Adblockers, or Anti-Virus Software. I am quite radical blaming all so-called security tools as rubbish. The only secure way to deal with trackers, ads and other treats is Application Whitelisting and a proper proxy-squidguard firewall. If you have an older PC somewhere try

I never see a MacKeeper Popup anymore. I avoid any site that suggests it or advertises for them. I agree with Markus. Try running Malware Bytes.

I’ve found this…


I do use hosts as a complement to AdBLock Plus. It is nice to eradicate stupid ads.

It has nothing to do with possible worms or virus, or idiotic pushyware.

Hi Michel,

There are some sites that I visit that require “Block pop-up windows” (in Safari Preferences) to be unchecked, will AdBLock Plus allow me to preferentially not block those windows?



Yes, it does. And that is one case where modifying the Host file is a lot more cumbersome.

Thanks Michel, I’ll try it.

For removing software, I personally recommend AppCleaner It’s free and it works really good, but of course, be careful with the power that it has…

MacKeeper is malware.
If you do screen sharing with Apple support and they see MK they will tell you to uninstall it.
I had an incident once where the engineer saw Eve from WALL-E on my Dock (it’s my Adium icon) and asked me if I had MK installed. We had a chuckle, but the Apple engineer was serious about uninstalling MK if you have it.

An argument for squid / squidguard firewalls and proxies is that these cannot be detected by websites. Many newspapers have scripts to detect popup- and ad-blockers, showing annoying paywalls.

Sites detect ad blockers simply because they get no request for their pesky ads files. I get the same annoying paywall from blocking ads with Hosts as with AdBlocker.

You can get around those newspapers by using Reader View in Safari.
It’s great :stuck_out_tongue: