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I plan to buy the new MacBook Pro 15". The first few days the 2TB storage was listed a sa “2TB Fusion Drive”. When I wanted two place my order today, it suddenly said “2TB SSD”. In the technical details section there is nowhere an indication if it is really a pure SSD or a fusion drive. I find this irritating. Does Apple really sell a fusion drive as SSD without letting the customer now?

A fusion drive is part SSD and part conventional hard drive.
There is no space for a conventional hard disk in the new MacBook Pro.
You can be assured that it is a 2TB SSD.

More likely they corrected a typo on the product page.

According to the Apple Tech Spec and Buy now pages…

The new MaczBook pro does not come with a HDD at all, nor a Fusion Drive…
It comes with a 256g or 512g SSD … period not even 2TB as you mention…

correction : the highend 15" can be upgraed to a 2TB SSD for $1200 (US), but that is SSD, not HDD not Fusion

Maybe Eli clicked in-between through iMac specs?

Tech Specs
512GB PCIe-based onboard SSD
Configurable to 1TB or 2TB SSD

For the first three or four days it said for the most expensive MacBook Pro 15 inch: “2TB Fusion Drive”. On the German, the Swiss and the UK site.

[quote][/quote]@Dave S
Specifications of the 15" 2.7 GHz MacBook Pro

512GB PCIe-based onboard SSD
Configurable to 1TB or 2TB SSD

Jürg has beaten me. :wink:

I got my new 15" MacBook Pro today, top of the line, with all the trimmings (2TB SSD, Radeon Pro 460 graphics, etc.). I’m very, very happy, despite the $$$$$$$. Hooray!

The Touch Bar is actually useful, and the SSD is a LOT faster than my old one. My only complaint so far is that the keyboard is loud - it clacks like the original IBM PC. That’s fine for me, working in my office, but it could be an issue if I use it to take notes in a meeting.

I also bought an extra power adapter for use when I’m traveling. I knew they don’t come with an edison power cord, but I was surprised it didn’t come with a USB-C cable to connect it to the MBP.

I’ll be curious to hear what others think as the deliveries ramp up!

I was’t aware of this. says there should be a USB-C cable and adapter in the box.

Not in the extra power adapter box though

every one says “USB-C Charge Cable sold separately.”

Oh I see now


  1. Beware of Amazon. Think at the bad power adapter they have (read the press for more data).

  2. Read here for a report on the USB 3.1 cables.
    All USB 3.1 cables are not equals. Beware of bad ones.

  3. I read an article (yesterday ?) where the author was talking about Poser Supply. He says the 25W is usable, but it will take hours to fulfill the battery, the 60W (or 65W ?) will be OK while the 85W is not faster to fill the battery and a bit higher for the task, but this is the one gives in the box.

  4. YMMV, my memory may not be 100% OK, so, check on the internet for articles about this subject.

Last breaking news: the ssd is soldered on the MLB. That article says that when the SSD will crash (in some years), the user will be in troubles, more probably have to change the MLB / the MacBook Pro.

More and more bad news.

Or the SSD will last much longer than the elcos.
We’ll see.

If the tbMBP is anything like the '15 MB, to replace the keyboard requires a whole new logic board. Because it’s glued into the top part of the chassis. So make sure you get APP.