MacBook Pro Battery Condition Replace Soon

[quote]Carlo, did you try to recalibrate the battery ?
(three or more - I forgot - discharge / full recharge of battery; the recharge must be done in a one time run)[/quote]

It was good advice when batteries were Ni-Cd, but it is actually bad advice with LI-ion batteries that equip most electronic devices today. There is not much that can be done to extend the life of a Li-ion battery. Here are three links that explain it better than I could:

Louis: OK.

A friend of mine have a MacBook Pro 15" from 2009 (I think so). He keeps the battery in this state for years. Months ago, the internal HD cable crashed and have to be changed. He do that and replace the battery with a brand new one. SInce then, he is very happy with that 15" laptop.
The replacements were done by a shop, not a physical App Store; but I forgot what kind of shop (Apple Reseller or standard / multi-purpose electronic repair / reseller).
He also changed the internal HD for a larger / faster one; and still use the old one in a blank external 2.5" box.

batteries in unibody macbook pro where very easy to change. like in the macbook air
that’s completely different in retina macbook pros
and almost impossible in touchbar macbook pros…
the next step for the next macbook pros is no opening possible completely glued :frowning:

If/when the time comes to take drastic action, before buying the battery I’ll first open the machine and see if easy replacement is possible.

Fixed it for you.

I have come to the conclusion that the Cooked Apple isn’t interested in people who use their products to make money, it’s such a small demographic, instead they’d rather focus on fickle consumers, those that buy Apple this year and Samsung next year. The current laptop offerings are either out of date or quite clearly were designed to be iOS machines without a touch interface.

Apple know each and every reason as to why there is a large number of people who absolutely hate the latest offerings, so far they’ve done very little to fix these problems. I am hopeful that Cook will change course and start taking care of people like us again, before it’s too late. By too late I mean professionals fleeing the system, making sure that the world has doubt over Apple products and then consumers avoiding them. As it is, Apple’s reputation has started to decline in recent polls.

At a job opening for a new Apple Store, a question was somthing like… “Who pays the MacBook… the iPhone” and answers were “Dad, Mom“ and mine was “Me.”. That was the only me for 14 persons…

Another question was “did you keep your Apple hardware box or trashed it”; the answer was unanimous: “I kept it.” But no one asked why. I keep it because I can need it in the future :wink:

Now, if you are unhappy, buy from a different hardware company. :frowning:
Or buy enough shares to make pression to get changes in politics :wink:

I just got in the mail 2 days ago a new battery for my previous macbook pro which I donated to my daughter after I upgraded. I will be performing the operation myself this weekend. It doesn’t look that onerous but I am used to working inside these things. I will not be following their procedure to remove the entire logic board and everything else. I’ll be using circuit freeze spray to help get the adhesive off rather than the acetone that it shipped with.

If you don’t want to do that yourself I would definitely sent it to apple before the 5 years of their stocking the replacements is up. It will give you another 4 or 5 years at your current usage rate before the battery starts to lose it’s ability to store a full charge again. Very much worth it. After that you will have no choice but to either go with a third party upgrade like I just did from iFixit, or to get a new machine.

As to the other recommendations in this thread I am also a huge fan of Apple’s refurbished machines. I’ve bought a dozen of them in my lifetime and recommended more to others. I’ve only ever had one problem, it was DOA and they cross shipped me another one at no extra cost and sent it out before I sent back the dead one. As long as you don’t need the latest model the refurbs are an excellent choice for getting a newer machine.

But I think you should just replace the battery in the one you’ve got!