MacBook Pro Battery Condition Replace Soon

this last week I noticed that my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), bought March 2014, needs battery-charge more often; and indeed, clicking the Battery icon in the MenuBar I see the warning: “Condition: Replace Soon”.
Since this has been my first experience with MBPs, I’d like to know how people usually behave in such situation: do you care for the warning and replace the battery or do you carry on as long as possible until you buy a new machine?
For my part, if possible I’d like to carry on at least one more year, without replacing the battery.
But as I said, I’d like to know what did you do with a four-year MacBook Pro with a battery on its declining life.

If you only use it with power adapter, this may be fine.

Otherwise I would replace battery.

Mine is 8 years old, has been saying that for years. As long as the battery doesn‘t swell up it’s no problem.

I had the procedure done for my 15" and it was totally worth it. It’s like I have a new laptop, with great battery life again.

it tells you that the actual autonomy of the battery is less than 80% of what it was new.
if it happens after only 4 years, it seems that you use your battery often (i.e use the mac with the battery and not mains)
as Markus said, as long as you can use it on mains, no problem if the battery does not swell up.
also consider that changing the battery on a retina macbook is changing the whole top case (keyboard-trackpad-battery)
and that that part is only available from Apple, and Apple keeps parts only during 5 years.
I wouldnt trust third party battery replacements as the battery is completely glued on the top case in these models…
you can change it later, but IMHO before the 5 years of the machine.

You can use Coconut Battery to check the battery status.

Thanks for the answers.
And since “changing the battery on a retina macbook is changing the whole top case”, I have a stronger reason to leave things as they are.
I’ll start using main only, hoping to be able to carry on three or four more years.

If you feel brave:

Mmm, I’d prefer the MBP to show how brave it is in carrying on a few more years.
But thanks for the link.

be aware that if you leave 5+ years, apple will not provide the battery anymore, and only third party batteries will be usable.
and difficult to change on these models…

Given the cost of a new machine and the crippled income from MAS, for my next MBP the idea at present is to go for a refurbished one.

I have bought the battery on amazon. arrived with the appropriate screwdriver inside. mounted in 10 minutes.
my macbook air is now like new.

I have never bought a new one. Some people want the newest one, but a battle-hardened two or three year old machine will do perfectly fine.

P.S. a 2007 24in iMac as entertainment center, a 2009 27in iMac for video, and a 2010 MacBook Pro for everything else. All working like a dream, and plenty fast enough, even running the VM with Win7 and Linux on the MBP.

[quote=380755:@luciano monti]I have bought the battery on amazon. arrived with the appropriate screwdriver inside. mounted in 10 minutes.
my macbook air is now like new.
Is it any faster :wink:

On the other hand; I always go for new and the one time I didn’t; the battery swelled up the very next day I’d received it (but as I’d paid cash on delivery and everything was fine when I checked it, I had no come back). Thankfully it wasn’t hard to swap the battery on an Original MacBook Air, which also later had to have a new wifi module (twice), and then the HDD went and getting a replacement for that machine wasn’t worth it.

Otherwise we recycle our machines and donate them to family & friends or keep them for worst case scenario.

@luciano monti Can you confirm your MBP is retina 2013? Because Jean-Yves (above) wrote that the whole top case too must be changed.

Meanwhile, after shutting down the machine and restarting it, the warning does not appear any more; although I guess it will pop up in a few days or weeks, since the battery does not hold as long as before; i.e. now it lasts about something longer than 4 hours.

Carlo, that link was for my macbook air 13 (late 2012).
this is for your mac
or this
this is for your mac

check the right model.

I don’t think you have to change the top case too.

no he can buy only the battery, but as the actual battery is completely glued to the top case, changing it will be waayyyyy more difficult than on a mac book air ! also big risks of destroying the old battery, leading to possible fire if air enters in contact with the lithium … proper shop installation is required to do this, or at least outdoor … such a shame the amazon seller does not warn about this …

also about the batteries : I’ve found a lot of fake batteries, sometimes you have to buy 5 to get one that has a decent autonomy…
the only one I found that are reliable are from apple , or from duracell :
the others (and especially on amazon or ebay) are scam for 99% of them.

OK. I’ll keep in mind both advices. Thank you.

Carlo, did you try to recalibrate the battery ?
(three or more - I forgot - discharge / full recharge of battery; the recharge must be done in a one time run)

No, I did not try. I fear that after full discharge it won’t charge any more.