Mac with a third party wireless card cannot access the App Store

I spent yesterday trying to figure out why I couldn’t test a Mac App Store app on my old MacBook Air. I tried several things, changing my app, changing my Receipt validation routine, but I could not get it to validate the install. All I was getting was that an unknown error occurred.

I even tried wiping the HD and installing a vanilla 10.7 on that machine, and still no luck.

So I set up another machine with 10.7 and it worked first time. Previously I’ve been able to test Mac App Store apps on the MBA, I then also found that I couldn’t access any iCloud e-mail, iTunes… Anything that uses Apple’s iCloud.

Last year the internal wireless card died on the MBA, I had it replaced by a ASP, only to have the replacement fail just outside of warranty. The ASP was embarrassed, but Apple wouldn’t budge, OOW buy another card! So the ASP gave me a third party USB wireless adaptor for FREE, which is what I’ve concluded is preventing me from using any iCloud services, including the App Store and iCloud mail. Off to get another wireless card from eBay to see if that will help.

< OT > So here comes conspiracy theory #12345 : The NSA guys (no, not the Nokia security advisers, but those in the Nevada Data Center) want to keep a backdoor to your hardware. Which Apple provides only through ‘native’ hardware … what a brave new world. < /OT >

They can spy on me all they like, they won’t find anything incriminating. However they leak my code to my competitors, then they’ll see something different!

Made my day :smiley:

Sounds like the services are validating on the MAC address. You may want to try reconfiguring the USB adapter to use the MAC address of the dead WiFi adapter.

Thats a good idea - I’ll give it a go.

I can definitely confirm the validation is done on the network adapter among other things.
See here for more info: