Mac vs Windows forms edit difference

Mac vs Windows forms edit

My boss uses Mac 2016r4.1, I am on windows same level, but after I edit one of his webpages, then save, it seems the Windows version is removing some of the controls tags when comparing the two files, is this going to cause issues?

Below is a partial difference

Lets see …
This looks like it was originally a TextField that had its super changed
Then your boss saved & checked in
Then you updated from SVN (or git or whatever) and reopened the project
You did some work and saved and all those properties that used to be associated with a TextField got stripped out when you saved

Close ?

And no - the IDE is stripping out properties that are NOT part of a label
If you dont keep the changes it will just keep trying to strip them out as they do not belong on a WebLabel

Thanks for the quick reply.

Close? Not sure, but sounds right, I’ll go with that.

Really didn’t want to generate a problem in the code if I didn’t need to.