Mac UDP <1024


Is there any tip, how to open UDP ports 161,162 on Mac from non-root account ?

I want to try some SNMP tests…



you can use firewall to redirect ports.

You mean redirect all traffic on ports 161-2 to ports above 1024 ?
Or you mean tweak something with MacOS firewall ?

yes, move them above 1024.

That’s very interesting Christian. I’ve never seen that ability in my mac firewall.
Are you sure you’re not talking about a router?
If you have a link that shows how this is done this would be of great use to me as I have always had issues with apps that need access to ports < 1024

we did that recently here with a Mac Mini. No problem.
It may be tricky to write the script and find exact syntax to setup, but it works today.

Hmm. … I’m sitting in front of my mac in system preferences / security / firewall and only see options to allow or disallow an application to do communicate. no port mapping… unless you are using a 3rd party software firewall…

If you can elaborate that would be great… :slight_smile:

command line!

I understood I need to change traffic outside of my mac.
But if you can show command line examples on mac, I am very interesting.

This link was passed on to me by a friend.
Port Forwarding in Mavericks