Mac Pro Cylinder Memory Success

While more options for the new MP Cylinder are available, if you’re like me and bought some of the 12GB base models because they were all that was available, you’ve most likely discovered that it’s really easy to run up against that 12GB memory as a performance bottleneck pretty quickly.

I went on a search a while back for that missing 4GB and found that Apple was the only place to get a matched DIMM. Okay, so what about replacing the whole set?

I found these through a Video Production team and bit the bullet for a couple of our units:

32GB Transcend Memory

I’ve now been using them in two cylinders far a couple of months with great success and at a FAR better price that Apple’s price for 32GB.

We then took those 4GB modules and spread them amongst the other 4 Cylinders to get them to 16GB.

If you’ve got a 12GB unit and really want to update it, those Transcend DIMMs are a great solution.