Mac Pro 2019

Greetings all from down under (where Santa arrives on a surf board). Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Yes it’s hot down here, just about everything is burning, there’s bushfire smoke haze choking the city and our prime minister jets off to Hawaii for a “well deserved” vacation while our volunteer fire fighters are being killed, but hey things are otherwise dandy.

As for me, I’ve ordered a new Mac Pro 2019. This a want for me and not a need. I’m not an Apple freak that has to have the latest, for example I still have and use my iPhone 6s which I purchased at Brea Mall in L.A. last year.

For the record, the base config in Australia unit starts at AUD$9999. I’ve ordered the said base config, with the 16 core processor instead of the 8 core. Also ordered an extra 64GB of RAM aftermarket, saving me AUD$900 in Apple tax.

As per Apple, it looks like I’ll have to wait another year for it, because my delivery date is the end of NEXT year. Oh well, my trash can should still be good for another year.

Has anyone else ordered a new Mac Pro 2019 yet?


Looks as though you selected the “feet” option. Maybe it would get there faster with the “wheels” option… only AUD$640 more! Enjoy!

Is that what the “Turbo Boost” is for?

By my limited knowledge of the Int’l Date Line and all things ‘down under’, I have calculated* that you are reading my post a full day before I write it! By similar logic, maybe a Dec. 2020 delivery date is not as bad as you think!

*using the new XOJO API 2.0 datetime class

On further reflection, I may have made an error in my calculations. (It’s a bad week to stop using 2019R2).

I believe the Dec 2020 delivery date is a classic “off-by-one” error, no doubt due to the increasingly common, but unnatural practice of counting from zero.

(This is commonplace in retail pricing too, for example, the US$5,000 (AUD$10000) base config Mac Pros are listed at US$ 4,999 and A$ 9,999. Though I admit the US$ 400 (A$ 640) “wheels” option prices are not “off-by-one”, a much more insidious issue may be at pay).

So, your delivery date is obviously “off-by-one” (ie. off by one year, as in 365 days). But even that off-by-one error is itself off-by-one since 2020 is a leap year with 366 days! Yikes!

It is good to hear that you don’t have what we can call an “ oft-buy-one ” problem common to Apple freaks! Given the cost of the new Mac Pro, the oft-buy-one malady may prove self-limiting for most Apple freaks.

PS: Even if I’m off-base, too, there may still be hope since I think I saw somewhere that the Mac Pro has a “time machine” installed. With a time machine, maybe you could start using your new computer a full year before it is shipped!

I just asked my wife if it would be ok if I got one. Pointed out to her that she got the roller skates that she wanted so I should be able to get this.

Didn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Instead of fur and diamonds ? I understand now… :wink: