Mac MS Remote Desktop and MySQL Issues

Needing some advice from my Windows friends. We’ve had a dedicated computer that runs Windows 10 and has MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and probably a few other databases that I’ve forgotten. For years I’ve been connecting to it via Mac MS Remote Desktop and using NaviCat over the network to mess with the databases. No issues. Great setup.

However, since the latest Windows 10 update (build 1903) I have to restart the computer to get remote connections working again. Needless to say this is freaking annoying. I’ve tried reinstalling MySQL hoping that it would reset the OS but that didn’t change anything.

So. Anyone have any suggestions?


Can’t say I have had any trouble like that with MS Remote Desktop from my Mac but then again I’m not running MySQL or Oracle DB on my Windows machine.

Maybe check if wake on LAN is still enabled?

Every time I go to the machine it’s connected to the internet. It’s just that outside services can’t access it. Worked fine for years until the latest Win10 update.

Are you using the latest Remote desktop client for the MAC?

Steve asks a good question

I just checked my version and it is Version 10.3.2 (1650)

I’m using RDC 10.3.2 (1650). That still doesn’t explain away connection issues for the databases though.

Just trying to understand you’re running navicat on your mac to connect to mysql on that win10 machine? Or are you running navicat on the windows 10 machine trying to connect to Mysql on the same win10 machine?

Yeah, sorry, that wasn’t clear. Navicat is on the Mac with MySQL running on the Win10 machine on the same network.

Now what’s weird is that today neither MS Remote Desktop or Navicat has any issues connecting and I’ve not connected in well over a day. The mysteries of the universe continue.

In that case I was going to recommend turning off Windows Firewall and see if it would start working. But sounds like it resolved itself.