mac mini like a server with postgresql

Hi all (Mac El Capitan)

i have a mac mini with postgresql but i can no connect from windows 7 to mac postgresql
if i turn off the firewall it work but with firewall on no connect

if any one now who to open ports on mac firewall help


Here are some info that should help you out.
Scroll down to the bottom for a way to open a specific port (5432 for Postgres).


Or just leave the firewall off.


Just check my Mac Mini server and it’s off.

i found the way i add shellsql to the firewall and it works

thanks for all help

only if you have it in a protected network. and then I am iffy on turning it completely off.

This tends to be a difference of opinion between strict Mac guys (like me) and those that are more platform-agnostic. However, in this case, I was assuming a private network.

I assume you have a firewall and a NAT router on your adsl router
then you dont need the firewall on the mac
if you are on a big university network with no access to the router, then the mac firewall can be left ON