Mac Intel -> ARM switch

The IDE uses multiple cores to compile 64-bit and ARM binaries.

Now is that because of LLVM or is the IDE spawning multiple helper apps?

This is only true for part of the build … the first part of compilation is clearly single threaded and only uses one cpu.

A little bit of column “A”, a little bit of column “B”.

Yes, the first step is for the IDE to assemble all the components of the project and this uses a single CPU. Once that’s done and things are ready for LLVM, multiple processes are started to do the actual compilation.

Boom… a big German international Newspaper (F.A.Z.) says Apple is about to announce a switch from Intel to own chips (

In English:

Xojo will move to API3 !?
Instr which was 1 base became .IndexOf which is 0 base and will become ARMof. and will be -1 base :smiley: .

Seriously, I’m not afraid of the work I will have to do in my code. Xojo compiler will manage that (I hope).
But I’m afraid of the royalties Apple may ask. I pay 300 €/year for Xojo, I don’t want to pay 100 €/year to Apple to be listed as a developper. But I’m afraid of be obliged to pay more because Apple will be lock a little bit more.
it’s a big risk for Apple. They won’t gain many % of CPU power, will they ? They won’t spend many less money neither I think. Then what is their main goal ?
I’ve become more and more suspicious of Apple.

I’ll believe it when I see he announcement
Analysts and rumour mongers have been wrong before

Someone wrote something and now all the websites copy it. :frowning:

There’s nothing stopping Apple from sticking a keyboard onto an iPad and calling it a MacBook (or ArmBook). I expect that’s what the first ones will be.

and they could make dual boot iPad Pros as test machines for us.

Well we should only have to wait another two weeks to find out at the WWDC keynote on June 22. We’d already know if WWDC was not delayed to go virtual. But it will be very interesting to see if they can run apps compiled for ARM natively, and apps compiled for x86 via emulation and compare the speed differences.

They already have iPads with keyboards :slight_smile:

I’ll blame my ignorance on my self imposed CV19 isolation. :slight_smile:

Who will buy Intel hardware from Apple now ?

People who want/need to run windows through boot camp? Or if running Windows through Parallels is horrible, I will.

1%, 10% x% ?

who buys anything from intel? They are more than 5 years behind AMD and stuck in security issues.

Apples problem are not CPUs. It’s their lack of professional equipment and no, professional does not mean to spend 10k or more for a working utility. For 6 years now I am sitting on my i7 2014 Macbook Pro Retina Display and could not find anything capable as replacement, something where I would know that it will last for another 6 years.

This switch brought me closer to my new favorite OS: Debian. I am moving on and waiting for the next AMD Ryzen Thinkpad with hopfully Retina-like HiRes Display later this year.

For sure the switch will be successful for consumer devices but Apple will loose their professional and power users.

I do not think so, but only time will tell… :wink:

Now it’s time to buy whatever you may need for the next years to get intel CPUs you may need for your specialized software or VM requirements.