Mac: how to create Powerpoint-like full screen?


Not a very regular programmer here, so I’m trying to keep up with all things :wink:

I’m creating a Mac app that needs a real full screen “presentation” window without any distraction, just like a Powerpoint screen: presenting info without menu bar, dock, etc.

At the moment I’m using a Document window with a Canvas, but the dock and menu bar are displayed obviously. Are there any tips on how to create such a real full screen window?


Window.FullScreen = true

should do it.

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Really? That simple? Will the menubar not remain on top?

I was trying with other types of Window and couldn’t get the menu bar to disappear or ended up with other strange behavior.

the menubar will disappear with fullscreen
if you want to have full screen but keep the menubar visible you can use

Window.Maximize = true

Yes, that did the job, thanks!!

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