Mac create child of SharedApplicationData

I have a Service App that when first launched on a given machine creates a subfolder in SpecialFolder.SharedApplicationData (/Library/Application Support)… in that folder the app places various subfolders and files it needs…

This all worked great for years but it seems that with 10.11 the app can no longer create the subfolder due to changes made by Apple in the default access privileges.

Since it is a Service app, it cannot have any UI… Some customers run it without a logged-in user while others do have a logged in user…

So my questions: Is there a way to still create the subfolder in that same location? Where should I create the subfolder?


Last time I attempted to do any thing in SharedApplicationData I got an “access denied” error…
and had to go back to ApplicationData (user specific) instead

Consider using an installer to configure your daemon to run with the appropriate permissions when OS X boots. The following links should be helpful.

I just checked.

Once a folder has been copied to /Library/Application Support and it has chmod 777, anything can be put in there. But copying or creating anything requires administrator privileges. If you do it yourself, Mac will require authentication.

If your users do not want to log in you may not have access to their AppData folder.

The most elegant solution would be to use an installer, which will have enough privileges to install the folder.

Or, you can instruct your user how to do so (hackish).

Edit: Frederick gave you all you need.

Thanks for the replies…