Mac Certificate expiring

I received a notice from Apple that my “Mac Installer Distribution Certificate” will expire in 30 days. I was able to get it setup last year and use, but this is the first year to deal with a certificate expiring. Do you just have to renew the certificate? Or do you request a new one for the upcoming year? When I click on it in the “Mac Certificates” section, my only two choices are to “Download” or “Revoke”. I thought there might be a “Renew” button there?

You would renew your subscription through
Unless you’re selling through the Mac App Store you don’t have to renew for a few years as your app signing certificate is valid for a lot longer than the one year.

Thanks, Tim, but that is not what the email says:

This certificate will no longer be valid in 30 days. To create a new certificate, visit Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in Member Center.

Certificate: Mac App Distribution Certificate
Certificate: Mac Installer Distribution Certificate

My Apple Develop account is paid up through Jan. 2017, so I don’t think that is the issue.

EDIT: And when I look at the Certificates in my Apple Develop account, they list Jan. 14, 2016 as the Expiration date.

Oh I see where you’re coming from.
Prior to the developer program merge, signing up for the Mac program would give you four certificates. 2 MAS certs, and 2 non-MAS certs (each with an installer cert, and an app cert.) The MAS certificates would expire in one year, the non-MAS would expire in something like 7. I can’t speak for how it is post-merge as I haven’t renewed my membership. I have no need for the MAS, and my signing cert is valid for a few more years.

As for your expiring cert, have you tried downloading a new one?
Does it have the same expiration or does it set it for another year out?

Not yet, I didn’t want to do anything before I knew what I was doing. Seems like a great place to put a “Renew” button there.

But I was a member before they merged the two program and I only have non-MAS programs.

I think it all it means is that you need to create new certificates.

OK, thanks.

FWIW, I got the same message a couple of weeks ago and that was my take on it.

Simply revoke and create a new one. Revoking the certificate doesn’t affect any apps already on the App Store. The certificate simply proves you are you, when you submit a binary.

Thanks for the verification, Gavin :slight_smile:

Just renew mine.

Easiest way : Xcode…

Preferences, Accounts, Select your account, click “View Details”. You’ll see all your certificate, with an action button, if needed. Just click on the action button to update, reset or download certificates according to its status.