Mac can't find a file that exists

Hi, last week I bought my first mac and I am now in the learning process.

I wrote a Webapp which has a local stored SQLite-DB. Now I want to connect my App at runtime to the DB-File, but it can’t find it!
I use:

  Dim dbFile As  FolderItem

What is the problem?


PS: I really love my MBP-r, best device I’ve ever owned!

Personally, I would not work with paths like that. You have no way to know if there is a problem somewhere in the path.

[code]dropboxFolder = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child(“Dropbox”)

If dropboxFolder <> Nil And dropboxFolder Then
dbFile = dropBoxFolder.Child(“XOJO”).Child(“Verwaltungsapp-MAC”).Child(“Datenbank.sqlite”)
End If[/code]

If you still get problems, break out the Child calls to their own FolderItems so you can figure out which one is invalid.

Hi Paul,
thanks for your help, it works!!!

Thanks a lot - I would never have guessed^^