Mac Big Sur 11.2.3 released ->lost license trap?

I’m installing this update now. I lie in wait to see if I get the lost license issue as I have twice before. The issues are detailed in this post:

The license was lost. Had to download a new one.

Do you still have Rosetta ?

Any other new you want to share (we need to know before updating)

I haven’t done anything about Rosetta. Haven’t installed it nor uninstalled it. I don’t have Apple M1 silicon on any machine yet.

This is what I did. Downloaded and installed the Big Sur update. Launched Xojo without opening any project. Checked the license. Saw it was missing. Logged in and replaced it.

According to bug report I filed this issue has been fixed. Just waiting for the new release of Xojo. Then I’ll check this again.


Thank you for your answer Duane.