Mac Appstore Review inconsistency

Does anyone else have experience with the App Store Review team that it seems to depend on who looks at your app if they approve things or not,
and some won’t mind certain things at all, whilst others will reject your app on something that was approved in various previous versions?
I find that a very frustrating thing, especially considering that Apple regularly breaks things with their new macOS versions.
I wonder how you have dealt with these kinds of issues, and if anyone has some useful suggestions.

The rules are written in such a way that they can easily be interpreted differently by us (the developer) and by individual reviewers.

If you think the reviewer is being bogus, you can always appeal rejections, over time you’ll learn when a reviewer is just being a ass or has a genuine problem. You can also try simply resubmitting your application, sometimes without any changes the application simply gets approved, sometimes it seems that you get the same reviewer and they more often than not, they stick to their guns and point blank refuse to accept that they’re wrong.

Make sure you capture exceptions and display the stack in a dialog box or window, along with macOS version as the reviewers are not allowed to send you files, only screenshots.

Yes the process is incredibly frustrating, and the returns are probably not worth the hassle, but at the end of the day, from a business POV you should be trying to sell your apps everywhere you can. So make sure you also sell your application on your own website.

Last summer my latest app was blocked by Apple, and I’m finally on the verge of having completed the changes that Apple require to sell it in the App Store. I don’t expect to become a millionaire, but I am hoping that it will improve my income. To be fair, I’ve been quite depressed about the whole situation and that’s contributed to why it’s taken me so long.

The process can be frustrating. When I deal with them I try to treat it like a conversation rather than just a decision. Often they are confused about the purpose of something and don’t have the context to understand whether or not it should be allowed or not. Of course, if there is something in the app which is clearly a violation of the purpose of the app submission guidelines, there isn’t much wiggle room, but when it is just a misunderstanding, treat it like one. That’s what I do, and I have been able to overcome many misunderstandings. There have been times when what I want to do does technically end up being ruled as a violation of their terms. In those cases, while it can be frustrating, it is their playground, and I suppose they have some rights to make the rules.

Sometimes uploading the same app another time and sending to reviewers can lead to an approval.