Mac App Store getting quicker and rejecttions

Hi, I uploaded and app yesterday for review, and it was released for sale the same day. Less then 24 hours!

Thats nice!


[quote=59659:@Helge Tjelta]Hi, I uploaded and app yesterday for review, and it was released for sale the same day. Less then 24 hours!

Thats nice!


Congratulations !

They probably have a lot less work now that they reject anything with QTKit, that would explain…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What have you done, that Apple does not reject your app? I have written an application that has only a window and it does nothing, but apple has rejectet the app while it uses QTKit.

Just build, run through the app wrapper and upload. No rejections… :slight_smile:

That’s intriguing. Was it a Carbon or a Cocoa application ?


Thats strange. Unless you have the latest alpha/beta every app is rejected when compiled with the current Xojo release.
Or does Apple now accept QTKit?

Must have been a glitch.

What Xojo release did you use? What OS and what release do you have. Do use use any additional plugins? Please check your application with the QT Dependency Checker and post the output here. Thank you.

Latest OS, latest Xojo and latest App Wrapper, MBS plugs (not the latest)

QT results:

The latest build I’ve sent was today, and this one now writes / reads a prefs file… so I’m looking forward for the results…

Last time it took less then 24 hours…

Fingers crossed.

Do you use the CertTools from macoslib

I have checked my app with QTDependencyCheck

I don’t understand. Same 4.1, Mavericks 10.9.2. App Wrapper Mini. I get “Apple no longer accept applications that use deprecated Quicktime API” directly from Application Uploader.

Seems Apple reject is not consistent :frowning:

Are there differences with app wrapper mini and full wrapper ?

Also I don’t have CertTools ( at least that I know of, I have not installed it anyway :))

There are, and Sam Rowlands could better explain than I would, but in terms of App Store, it does not change the result : I have already a dozen apps prepared with AWM in the store thanks to it.

What puzzles me is that the only QT dependency your app has and mine is the rbframework.dylib and yet, yours goes through and mine not. Are you using the Application Uploader 2.9 ?

yes, same uploader

Then I do not see what happens.

We probably just have to keep waiting for a future Xojo release that does not trigger the wrath of Apple :stuck_out_tongue:

you need 2014r1 for the fix…

That will be a happy new Xojo year indeed :wink:

Speak of the devil and he’s sure to appear… :slight_smile:
The following table will give you an idea of the differences between the two apps.

I’ve had the suspicion for a while (basically because the QT framework is weak linked), that Apple are actually pulling the QT API calls from the executables. So if you app uses something from QT (under the hood), then these API calls will be present in the executable.