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I know this is a bit of an ask but could someone on an M1 Mac download my latest release of my Crossword App and tell me if it runs please? I don’t have access to the latest hardware yet and so unable to check but I received contact from a customer querying. Also while in this space is there any reason to think it wouldn’t? Compiled with the Xojo 2021V3 and seems to run fine on Catalina



Downloaded Crossword Wizard Player V7.0.6. Ran direct from the DMG without issue.

Dragged the app to the Application folder, cannot drag the Resources folder to the Shared shortcut, so I opened the directory and dragged the folder in. Launched the app from Applications and it seems to work.

Tested on Mac mini (M1, 2020) and macOS 12.1

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Thanks Anthony can you check the Creator App if you have time, I expect they would be the same although compiled with different Xojo’s. Appreciate the help… Merry Christmas.

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Seems to work fine:

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Tried both and they do not work in my MBP M1 Pro. Basically because your app is Intel only.
I do not have Rosetta2 running so it will not run Intel compiled apps.

You basically need to compile your app to Intel and Apple Silicon and provide an Universal build.

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Can confirm, Crossword Wizard Creator 6.2.6 is not compiled for ARM:

Crossword Wizard V6: Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
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Ah, yeah, I have to have Rosetta2 and didn’t check. That’s my bad.

Ok, that must have been the issue with the user not having Rosetta. Universal compile below


One confirmation would be great :slight_smile:

ran for me from the DMG

Thanks Emily, just confirming on an M1 without Rosetta?

According to my machine, now Rosetta-free, the app appears to still be an Intel-only build.

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M1 with Rosetta… Looks like it is Intel though…

Okay must have forgot to update the dmg reference… last try


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Rush… ? Don’t we had a person named Rush, long time ago using REALbasic ?

That was probably e I’ve been using RB since 2000 from memory :slight_smile:

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Running natively

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Thanks Emily