M1 memory issues

I also have this memory issue at random with my MBP M1 (2020) that requires a reboot to fix it. I never found why it happens and even sometimes pointed to Xojo to be blamed. :slight_smile:
Not sure if this is an macOS issue or rather hardware (read: M1) related. Fingers crosses it is a macOS issue.

Even if it may be a HW issue, SW can work around it. It just may make the machines slower. :hugs:

there seems to be a recent update for monterey that fixes that problem.
seems also that the culprit was the T2 chip…

Do the M1 computers have a T2 chip?

built-in to the SoC is the Secure Enclave and related stuff.

I suspect the memory leaks are somewhere in Apple’s code. e.g. driver doesn’t free graphics memory in some cases.
But my MacBook Pro doesn’t show those leaks.

the T2 is included inside the M1