M1 Macs with 8GB of Ram

Has anyone even tried running Xojo or debugging/building on one of the base systems? I’ve searched around the forums and people have mentioned the M1s and the base build but haven’t explicitly said how they fare and if they can handle basic Xojo-ing.

I’ve got a MacBook Air with 8GB RAM. Xojo and my main project run fine on the computer. It’s really as fast as my iMac from 2018.

Yes, this is fast.

Touch Bar:
a fantastic tool, a pre-no keyboard feature, but it lack a manual (User’s Manual).
I do not press on an icon if I do not know what it will do.

Lack of Power key is also a miss.

TextArea Rectangle is invisible on BS/M1.

Some lack of Contrast (grey artwork instead of black) is really bad when you vision start to be… when you start to be old…

I call that “the developer syndrom”: “it works fine here, why my customers are complaining” (forgetting to add a Custom Font, your computer have only Ram=32GB, your small screen is 8K, you use a slow fiber Internet and so on…).

From what I understand, yes it handle Xojo without a problem.

The only concern is running multiple apps on a 8GB system, it will start to use VM much quicker than a 16GB system and with less noticable side effects, except increased SSD wear.

There are bugs in Big Sur which cause memory usage for images to be much higher than Intel based systems, which also contributes to increased SSD wear.

Hopefully these bugs will be or are fixed in Monterey.

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