M1 gets new features .. Intel left behind

Expected … (and funny).

Well, a couple of them need the machine learning part of the chip, which would not work in real time on Intel.

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Apple said that Intel Macs would be supported for some years to come . . . they didn’t said fully supported.

Should someone buy an Intel Mac ? Looks like the answer is now NO !


a 16" / with a fast i9 for < $900 ? Yes !

Unless I want to run a Windows VM (before some sort of solution gets worked out).


Yeah this is my only issue - I rely heavily on VMware for my job as the ERP software I support doesn’t have a Mac client. I have been looking at using cloud based Windows desktops and using Remote Desktop to access.

That stinks, someone is telling porky pies.

Windows 10 ARM in a Parallels VM on M1 is getting better all the time.

Over the years I’ve learned not to trust something will be released until after it’s been released (and does what I want). :wink:


It has already been released. I use it daily. It’s considered a technical preview as that’s the only way they release it for non-OEM use right now, but it’s the same Windows 10 ARM that runs on ARM devices in the wild.

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I wonder up to which point a Windows 10 ARM emulation is the same as a real Windows 10 ? Having a VM on an intel Mac is for sure much closer. The test environment has to be exact when doing test on a different platform.

IMHO if Mac users need to test their Windows build, they better buy a real Windows computer that can also run Linux.

I keep a Wintel machine on my desk still, sure, and I use it daily for testing, too. That said it’s been a bit since I noticed a difference between the two. Basically I do quick debug sessions in my VM then do a run-through on my Intel machine before release and when I want to check differences.

even if win 10 arm works, it’s still not practical.
yes you can test your xojo apps in it with your M1 mac
but what if almost all of your client need to use an intel app with your arm app on a win10 arm ?
it still don’t work, and there is no real roadmap about it.

Right now, it’s all intel apps for Windows from Xojo. They run well. It is practical, I’m doing it.

But we’ve derailed this enough.

Hmm… what worries me the most is that my MBP is not worth much on the second hand market. :pensive:

How is that related?

Well, Intel is (soon) obsolete. Not sure if many would buy an Intel MBP now.

I see.
Personally, I’d suggest that you’ll wanna hold on to at least one Intel machine until Apple stop issuing OS updates for them all. Unless you stop supporting Intel, which I wouldn’t recommend for at least another few years at least.

WTF…on my Intel MBA and iMac, MS Teams for MacOS already does blurry backgrounds (and will superimpose you on any other background you care to pick, for that matter) so it definitely can be done WITHOUT an M1 chip. Ditto the globe. Synthesising speech from text is no biggie either, that was done long ago using a Supercard external (called “Interface”) in 1991, complete with a lip-synced talking head (rather like Max Headroom).


In 20 years of using RB/Xojo on OSX/MacOS to build apps for Windows NT4, XP, 7 or 10, I’ve steadfastly used VM’s - originally VirtualPC then Fusion and now Parallels in recent years - to test the Windows builds.

Only real difference was Windows in the VM ran slower and in some cases the graphics wasn’t as great as on a real PC, but I could live with that; if the app ran fine in the VM it generally meant happy PC users.

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