M1 finally invested in Mac Mini M1

Not the beast of a machine that is available


All good the dock has HD enclosure so put a 1TB SSD in there

Great Machine :smile:



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That’s a handy looking dock, do you have a link for more info?

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Sure do…

Mac Docking Station


Thank You Sir :smiley:

I would recommend against a USB C dock, especially with USB2 ports. It seriously hobbles your Mac.

There is a similar one with Thunderbolt, USB3, m.2 slot etc available. Is more expensive but better value in my opinion.

You get what you pay for.

W’ one?

Asking, because with the new Mac hardware you need expensive dock hardware to work seriously with.

Guessing he means the same link but switching the “color” to MC25 Pro to show the $140 model with better specs and slot for internal M.2 ssd.

Completely agree.

I was asked to assist a friend in her choice of dock, and at first I said an USB-C dock will do. But she needed Gigabit Ethernet, 4k Webcam, 38in HiRes Widescreen, external USB3 HD and USB3 stick all connected and working together - and a USB-C doch just couldn’t handle it. The bottleneck is the connection cable to the Mac where max throughput is 10 Gbit/s - and that is MAX, not the sustained speed (and remember that USB unlike Thunderbolt is not build for sustained speed).

So for example a USB-C dock would only have driven her monitor with 30 Hz instead of the 75 Hz it can do.

So it might be more expensive, but the future is Thunderbolt, and the next USB4 IS actually Thunderbolt 3. With USB-C they made the plugs compatible, but USB4 went all the way and is just a renamed Thunderbolt 3.

Agree for your friend the choice was clear and hope that all works well for their choice

Yes in IT we have to plan for the future but not all things are so cut and dry

My choice of dock was not only thought of in price but my expected usage

sometimes we have to stop and think of what our actual usage (investment) will bring to the table and for me I personally believe I made the correct choice for my foreseeable future needs

As for anyone making a purchase for IT assets YMMV

And I already agreed with you … :wink:

My post was for those who still have to decide.

My main machine is a 11 year old Mac Pro (still holding up strong), my laptop a 7 year old MacBook Air - being a Biologist and environmental-friendly chap longevity and future-proofing go hand in hand and are important to me. And to be honest, I simply don’t have the money to keep buying stuff. Now most people who buy a USB-C dock will sooner or later buy a USB4 dock anyway - so my recommendation to them is go for “USB4” right now :wink:

Yes understood you were agreeing with me

Especially today money to invest is hard to come by and most of right now will make do with what we have for as long as we can …Fully Agreed

Just so everyone understands WHY the Thunderbolt-3/4 docks are more expensive than the USB 3.x ones - one word: “Thunderbolt”. Manufacturers still have to pay rather steep licensing and chip fees to have a certified Thunderbolt solution. And, something as simple as a firmware update can require that the device go completely through the certification processes of the GRL labs and then Apple and Intel for recertification.

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True. But if you’re going to use a slow-ish SSD, then a USB3 connection may be fine and Thunderbolt would be overkill. So you should do the math.

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Great entry level M1 that outperforms almost everything previously available.
I bought one last year and love it.
Xojo for M1 flys on it.

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USB-C is just the type of the connector, what you really need to know when buying an item with one, is what USB standard the hardware using it supports.

So you can have a USB-C device with a poor 480Mbps to a top 40Gbps, depending on the standard applied, and all them are “visually equivalent” from the outside, and called USB-C.

True. The ones you buy in the $50-70 range tend to be 10 Gbps = 1.25 GBps max. As always, you get what you pay for.

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They are great machines. Interestingly I run Xojo 2018 r3 on one of these with Rosetta and all seems good.

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True in a sense
You actually get what you need/want depending on what your expectations are

Yes we should plan for the future but that is not always accurate
We cannot always be the “millionaire next door” with all the top dollar equipment

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