M1 Chip Support

Hi guys, I am about to invest in a new MacBook air or Pro with the M1 chip.
My interest is to develop IoS applications and later on Android.
I read somewhere that in the last release of Xojo, it would support the new M1 chip.

The question is if Xojo Mobile supports the M1 chip? Are there any caveats or issues I should be aware of?
MacBooks are expensive so with your help I want to make the right decision.

Thanks for your help!!

Current Xojo IDE runs on M1.

Is it in Intel Mode or Native ?

Are built applications running in Intel Mode or Native ?

Xojo 2020 Release 2 introduced support for the M1 Macs, so you can compile a native M1 app.

I assume your question is “can I build Xojo Mobile apps on a Mac with the M1” and yes, you can, no caveats or oddities. Not much more to say, really. Here’s a blog post you might like to read: Xojo Now Supports Native Apple Silicon (M1) Compilation – Xojo Programming Blog

Thank You, I just wanted to confirm.

It’s a reasonable question. Apple (and Xojo) are very good at masking this stuff from end-users. Enjoy your new M1 Mac. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro M1 with 16GB, it’s insanely fast. The Air is great too but there are a few extra nits of screen brightness on the Pro (500 nits vs 400 nits) and I appreciate that.

Well, I got my mac Air 16GB and 1 TB SSD with the M1 chip.
So far Xojo (iOS mobile) is working great.

Thanks again!

Get Inf on Xojo 2020r2.1 gives: (Intel).

So, not native - yet - on M1.

It’s not native yet but runs and compiles things just fine.

Except apps with XojoScript, which can’t be builded for M1…

Very good !

The communication does not specially says that; I am always suspicious in these cases.

In this industry, when something is not said, check and re-check: there’s a rabbit somewhere. Example: in a supermarket, the laptop description label gives the screen resolution excepted on some models. If you search in the box (if present) or the internet for those models, you will find the resolution s 1368 x 768 :frowning.

This was true some years ago. I stopped to go there since, so I do not know (but, others do the same for TV sets…).

PS: this is not bad. I expect a native version as soon as they can be release it.