M_String updated

If you use my M_String module, I just posted an update. Aside from a few of bug fixes and optimizations, I added Trim, LTrim, and RTrim functions that emulate PHP’s ability to trim any character, and an Overwrite function.

M_String is a collection of functions for manipulating strings and encodings. It’s open source and free to use.

(Note: It takes advantage of MBS and Einhugur plug-ins for some functions, but if you don’t have those, you can set the appropriate constants within the module to False to force it to use alternate, Xojo-only code.)


Btw “Last updated” is missing the year :wink:

You mean on my web site? It took a lot of coding to make it human-readable, so it will say “today”, “yesterday”, a month-day within the same year, or the entire date if a past year. Compare, for example, to DICT_CaseSensitiveDictionary below it.


“the way to hell is plastered with good intentions”

It might have been a lot of work but it is not self-evident and therefore not very user-friendly. The first thing that comes to mind on seeing “last updated May, 16th” is “what year???”

I’ve updated M_String today. The random string should lead to a more random string, and there is a new Expand function.

s = Expand_MTC( "\\? is a great \\?!", "Xojo", "development environment" )
// "Xojo is a great development environment!"

I just posted an update to M_String so it won’t complain with 2019r2.