Kem Tekinay is pleased to announce M_Presentation, a collection of tools to assist in presenting or demoing Xojo apps.

The M_Presentation module holds a collection of control subclasses that will adjust their font size at runtime according to a module constant. Need to change the font size of all of your controls at once to something else? Just change the constant’s value!

There is also a window subclass that will automatically created a mirror image of your window that you can put in a projector or second monitor. This “ghost” will reflect almost everything in your main window in real-time and will show the cursor position as a red dot, like a laser pointer. You can have multiple windows open, each with its own “ghost” that will maintain order as you cycle through the main windows. There is even a scaler that will let you scale all the “ghosts” at once.

M_Presentation is a free, open-source project available at: