Luna and SQLite Database


I have a recent project where i want to get rid of the current MySQL Engine for deployment reasons so i decided to use SQLite and luna as middle ware and as a link to the apps.

Now, Luna works with PGSQL and MySQL db, but in the case of SQLite how do i have to handle the current connections to the db from the users ? i enable the WAL mode and do i have to do some special handling or it will be done automatically ?

In my current case i will have max 5 users connected in the same time to the middleware so i don`t see the purpose of installing/configuring and running a db engine for that and i avoid the hassle and headache of installing the engine on user side specially that they should do that most of the time.

Any ideas are more than welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

WAL is suitable for Web applications, where the connections are actually from the same machine. Do NOT use Sqlite for multiple connections across a network.

Well luna is a webapp and it will use the db on the same machine so that will be ok i guess, i will just have to adapt luna to work with sqlite db’s, any specific points that i should consider while doing that ? So far on the examples eddies electronics the db is created in memory then for each session saved in a folder, then how you put those together , hard to tell, it will be nice to have the sample project wal capable so that we have an idea about handling transactions and data on sqlite.