LsMenuBar Control

Hey community,
I’d like to give something back to you guys.
An attempt to replace the built in MenuBar and ToolBar with an universal control able to mimic their behaviours.

This is a replacement for the built in MenuBars and ToolBars.
The classes are able to behave like a MenuBar or a ToolBar with grouping and an overflowmenu.

The controls were tested on OSX and Windows. Linux is not supported.

GitHub: control resources
Testproject: zip (200kB)
More information: code page

I hope it’s useful at some place and that every contributor was appreciated.


Didn’t XJ asked you to revive the resource locations?
They are packed within the testproject inside:


If there are no resource to be located then pass this dirs into your opened project.

(if you cloned the project from github, they shall be inside this folders => you have to revive the references)

Edit: You were right! There were actually some pictures missing in the testproject, I updated the zip and the git.

I am not able to check the example since MBS plugin is required to run and a image is missing.
Would be good of you could rework the project.

Removed the MBS stuff to get an idea at least.

Which image is still missing?

Just a suggestion, replace the images with graphics code. Not only will it help, but then your control will be resolution less (great for retina and future resolutions).

What are Graphics Code ?

To draw every object with code, e.g.:
That I shall not use a picture of two triangles, instead draw the triangles via Polygon code.

@Sam Rowlands - I will do that!

It was too obvious that I could not imagine that ! ;-:slight_smile: