LPR client in xojo?


Has anyone any ideas of how to write a file to a print server using LPR in either Xojo or with a plugin?

I know I can use the shell but that means ensuring that people have it installed.

You can also copy directly to the printer port.

But, which system does not have shell installed ?

They all have shell but, windows needs the LPR client to be installed.

I remember someone wrote one in Xojo years ago, so it is possible.

Just use server socket to receive data.

On Windows, use COPY. On *nix, use LPR.

hi Tim

its on windows i’m trying to get it working.

Im trying to avoid COPY because it requires setting up the windows printer and a share or an lpt: port.

the LPR client is better because i only need to know the ip address of the printer and the port name.
it then works from any machine on the network with the settings entered on the database once.

its easy to use, but whenever new machines arrive they don’t print because the LPR client hasn’t been installed. I wondered if i could do it in XOJO and then its another problem off my list.

Ive looked into it and it might be easier to script installing the LPR client if it’s not already there

dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Printing-Foundation-InternetPrinting-Client

it will probably need to be run as admin though, so thats another issue. at least my program can advise the client and they know why it wont print!