Lost the Language Reference


Not sure if this is the correct channel, but here goes. Firstly, I do have an Internet connection as shown by this post. But for the last couple of days when I select Language Reference from the Help Menu (MacBook Pro, Yosemite 10.102) I don’t get anything even after waiting for a while. And then I don’t seem to have a local language help file. Help! I am lost.

Are you able to reach http://documentation.xojo.com?

I got an error message: “The Connection was reset” This is in Firefox 36.04.

I’m able to get to it from here. Have you restarted your computer recently?

When I go up this morning, about five hours ago. I will restart it now, and try again.

Same problem. I though there was supposed to be a Local version of the Language Reference for when you were offline?

In the IDE go to the General tab of the Xojo Preferences dialog to select Use built-in documentation.

Thanks Frederick

At least now I can do some work! Perhaps the problem of the missing online docs is the fault of my ISP. I rang them up, to see if there was any problems and I got a phone message “We are receiving higher than normal calls today.” I guess that says it all.

Have you tried Dash yet? My favorite way to use the docs.

Tim, thank you. Checking it out now.