Lost the ability to run apps in debug

Now here’s a strange one!
IDE running on Windows 10.
Was all working correctly, until this evening. Now no web app will run in debug mode from the IDE. No error message. The browser simply does not get called, and the IDE returns to editing mode after a couple of seconds.

So I tried building a Windows standalone build, and running that. - It runs fine.

Just seems to be Debug runs which are not starting up. I have tried turning off Windows firewall, and turned off Avast realtime protection, but still wont run debug from the IDE. Must be something to do with my Windows config, but I’m not aware of changing anything or installing anything. What have I done??

I have Xojo 2014r3.1 / 2015r2.4 / 2015r3.1 - same problem happens with any of these IDE’s. Must be my Windows config!

Try changing the debug port.

If a web project is already running, a second one will do exactly what is described.