lost property

I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem which I have not encountered before -

I wish to generate an unlimited number of user’s memos in StyledText. I have a new Class ‘Memo’ of which one of the properties is ‘Memo.StyledText’.
I have a floating Window ‘WinMemo’ with a styled TextArea. For a new memo, a new window is generated as ‘wm = new WinMemo’. The memo is written and styled by the user,
Then: ‘Memo.StyledText = wm.TextArea.StyledText’
I can then call on Memo.StyledText as long as the window remains open but when it is closed, Memo.StyledText loses its content.

All solutions that I can think of are rather messy. Is there an easy way round this?

I think your class is intienced in the window and then when the window is close, you loose the Class and its property (ies).

Place a copy of the property in a Module new property may help (others: feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Either that, or store the contents to disk when the window is closed and retrieve it when a new window is opened.

Thanks folks, I am trying your suggestions…

Thank you, success.
Tried all ways shunting via a module but it appeared that the property just didn’t exist outside the cloned window. Finally decided to write a temporary file and read it into the Class property. It works!

Welcome to the notion of variable scope :slight_smile:

Obscure(if you read it "as ias, clean in thsi conversation), but nice name.

Thank you.