Lost program

I lost my .b4a file but have the .apk. Any way to get it from this?

Are you sure you are in the right forum?

Xojo does not use b4a files, but typically the answer to a question like this is no. The compiler binary files don’t include all of your source code.

This is the source code file for a product called B4A, Basic4Android. Does not seem to be related to Xojo.

See B4A File Extension - What is it and how to open B4A format - Review (filetypeadvisor.com)

You can decompile the apk to an Android Studio source code. But you will have to learn Java.

This would not be possible with a Xojo Android program, since it would not be in Java.

That said, this forum is about Xojo development. For questions about B4A, see

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