Lost My Api1 AutoComplete

Today I started up 2019r3.1 and in some classes, with Api1 and 2 checked, i cannot see auto complete on some classes, FolderItem and Dictionary.
I can use Dictionary.Count and it compiles it just does not appear in my autocomplete.
Array.Ubound > LastRowIndex does appear so it is not totally broken.
I restarted Xojo and cleared caches, which seems related to building, with no changes.

Any idea how to get them back?

Mac 10.14.6

LastRowIndex is API 2 so it shows in auto complete

I believe API 1 does not show in auto complete if IDE >= 2019R2

save in text format
open the manifest
remove the OrigIDEVersion line [quote]OrigIDEVersion=20190310[/quote]
set the RBProjectVersion to something like [quote]RBProjectVersion=2018.01[/quote]
2019r3.1 should now treat this as a project created in an old version and show you all the items for autocomplete

If the OP can only save in binary?
Just wondering if that was the only way

still I don’t understand why there is no prfrence checkbox to show autocomplete for api1 or 2 or both ?

[quote=482396:@brian franco]If the OP can only save in binary?
Just wondering if that was the only way[/quote]
open it in an old version IF it will let you
or start the project in an old version

binary is really a pain to edit

EDIT: and / or replace the default template with one saved from an old version so all you new projects get treated as if they are from an old version (although the IDE may ask you to upgrade /update this at some points I just dont recall when)

because there isnt and they really want you to move to the new api’s ?
ask Xojo ?

Thanks Norman, worked for me.

Feedback case: 59649


So very very annoying.

@Jay Menna : please write feature requests in complete sentences.