Lost changes

It is the second time n a week or so that I lost changes in the current project.

Yesterday I add Prefs Open and Prefs Save (in App) and today they are not there anymore.

Fortunately, this was New Methods because I may forget code change inside Methods. New Methods - as these two - are things I cannot forget.

And as a proof, I have the xml export I’ve done one hour or two before I stop working on that project. loaded it and saw my two missing methods.

There was no crash (yes, I booted on a different SSD this morning; but the project is in another Volume).

Is it something know ?

Xojo 2015r1 / El Capitan (yesterday evening).
Xojo 2015r1 / High Sierra (today).

Not here. Is there anything in the System Log? Maybe filesystem errors, security issues, … ?
If not, it may be a good idea to launch Xojo IDE for a while from within the Terminal and closely watch messages in the console after saving and quitting?

Thanks Sasha.

The project last modified date is 17h10, the one as xml is… 23:46…

I shut down the computer and reboot with the internal SSD: Xojo do not have “unsaved changes”…

Current System Log starts today at 00:00; I found another report for days before; I’m looking for yesterday now.

A search with the project name shows activity far after the project last modification. (its funny to read so many entries in the log while I was only watching TV… and no internet connection).

Is it possible that the OS was in bad shape and the save ineffective ?
I saw strange things in low memory conditions: the Apple Menu Recent Icems that disappeared, the File “Burn a disk” that disappeared too… to reappear after a reboot.

Absolutely. Such errors maybe be difficult to track down. For the time beeing i would check after each important save, that indeed everything has been saved properly.

I found evidence of that project use until I saved it as xml document in the System.log.

I plan an OS update since… months. I will do it soon.

In the mean time I trashed Google Chrome (both application and Library folder). It polls for updates 50 times a second; it even report no internet available…
Yes, not related.


When saved as XML, Xojo continue to save the changes in the XML file. So, I lost nothing (yesterday). It’s a bug in Xojo.
Save As… is meant to save a Copy.

One more thank for the hint.

Nope. That’s usually done by “Save Copy …” or “Export”. There might be differences in this concept, depending on platform or developer. Ubuntu for example uses both entries usually and, when saving “As”, will make the new path the working directory.
I agree anyway that this could be made clearer in the docs.

What I wrote is here since the down of Macintosh times (more than 40 years).

Export is a different word to say Save As (a different format).

Save is to write the data in the application format.

Fire Preview,
Load an image
Save As…
modify your image and save it.

Check the results: the modified image is the first one.

Xojo usage… is different.

Think: the default format (Xojo Binary) is not the Xojo format (Project). But there is a reason for that.

Save As… is a synonym for Export As…
Read Export As there:

Once you Save As, however, until you quit the project, you will be editing the newly saved version, in this case xml. That is pretty standard functionality.


No, that is not.

It is in every program I’ve ever used. To use your example of an image editor, suppose you open image1.jpg, make some changes and Save As image2.jpg. That leaves image1.jpg unchanged and sets image2.jpg for editing. Any further changes you make will be applied to image2.jpg. It is the expected behavior.

If you then exit image2.jpg and open image1.jpg, it will open the unedited version.