Lost changes in a 2in1 laptop at save project time

With time, I started to understand why sometimes I get a “bip” when working with my TwoInOne Windows 10 laptop.

In this case, this is Windows that told me one hard disk (the traditional) was off line and I attempted to access it !

The trouble: I loose the twenty lines or so I wrote when I wanted to save the project: the hard disk was offline (for energy saving) and Xojo do not like that at all.
I do not know where the temp project is saved, but I suppose it is saved in the hard disk the project resides.

I was proposed to make a report, but I’ve made an error and quit Xojo (2015r1).

At Xojo 2015r1 reboot time, I was not proposed to load any project with saved change(s) at all and I had to write back my now lost code.

I cannot use my MacBook Pro laptop because I am updating macOS Sierra at the moment (34 minutes to go).

Nota: the boot disk is a small SSD (64MB) and I cannot store there my project(s) to avoid the above trouble.

Also: I noticed that Xojo 2015r1 and the stand alones created with it does not like (at all) when a hard disk that holds a project to be loaded or when you run the stand alone before it (and before the IDE too). THey are not capable to access to an external hard disk if it was installed (mounted) after the IDE / Stand alone was fired.
The workaround is to quit the IDE or the Stand Alone, then once the hard disk is mounted, relaunch the IDE / Stand Alone.


This bug strikes me a second time (with code loose) :frowning:

And this time the second internal hard disk was unavailable (it does not mount by itself).

I had to shutdown and boot to saw it back to work: this time too, the project with unsaved changes feature refused to work.

About a Feedback:
I was proposed to write a Feedback / then download Feedback,
Once the download was done, Xojo 2015r1 was lost, so I do not wrote a feedback.

One of the worst Xojo session of all time :frowning:
(fortunately, the Sierra beta update is over…)

Yes, the Xojo IDE does not like drives that come and go, nor does it like permissions, file contents or directory structures that change in the background. You’ll have a better experience if you turn these features off on Windows.

FWIW, I’ve only had this happen once on macOS and it was because the USB cable got pulled while I was working.

Oh ! I do not think I can turn that off (and I can take the PC power supply with me when I run this PC outside my house…
Thank you for the idea: I will explorate that Windows.

My MacBook Pro SSD boot volume is 256GB, … so, I often have to plug a hard disk.

It happens to me around once a week to forgot to plug a (standard) external HD before firing Xojo or a Xojo stand alone application. This do not crash the IDE not the Stand alone.