Looks what I found in my project folder

I was trying to work on a project very earlier today (3:00 to 7:00) and I found some strange things:

I get consistantly two warning * when asking for a project build application ()

I get two new folders I do not created in my project folder:

DebugSimple Displayer Libs created at IDE run time, but never deleted,
Builds - Simple Displayer.xojo_binary_project even if my project have the “Use a Builds folder” set to NO.

I trashed the two folders between each and every build, but they reappears. I also checked that the “Builds…” property is set to OFF.

  • Front Dialog:
    Error overwriting items

Some files could not be replaced. Your original files are untouched and the built items left in their original location.

I could see the two items (exe and dll) created in my project folder, then the Builds folder and the two items disappears (moved into the Builds folder).

Back Dialog: the Builds window with my application icon, a progress bar and “Linking”. Probably the genuine dialog interrupted by the one above.