Looking to lose the title of noob!

Good evening everyone,

I came across Xojo by “accident” today. I have been working towards creating a few cross platform applications for serial devices that I make and sell. Although I am incredibly noobish, I was able to throw together a simple application, allowing me to connect to and (partially) control one of my machines in less than an hour (including installation time). Needless to say, given how quickly and easily I was able test an actual desktop application, I’m highly considering changing directions.

I consider myself an applied learner and find that I have the best results learning a new language / tool via tutorials and videos. I’ve had a chance to check out the textbook, online resources and browse the form (which seems to be an integral part of learning and sharing knowledge for Xojo) and there’s a lot of great information to digest. With that being said, I haven’t come across, what I’d consider, formal or “complete” courses. I was actually surprised to not find a Udemy course.

Does anyone have any links to a course or more in-depth documentation that might be useful for a beginner like myself? I’m a web developer and so I know there is a LOT that I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to learning Xojo. Thanks in advance!

There are a few forum users that have created Video course, one guy has a line of books
and you will find this forum to be a wealth of information.
I personally am not a hardware/network guy, but others here are,.

Welcome, Chad! Xojo is indeed awesome and powerful fun, dig in! Not a lot of step-by-step courses that I’m aware of, but the example programs that come with the language download are good starting points, and the online documentation is generally pretty good if read carefully. If you get stuck, folks here will help.

Welcome to the Xojo community, Chad!

There are 100+ videos available at the Dev Center and the Xojo YouTube channel:

I’m sure you found it, but the full User Guide is here:

And lots of webinars are scheduled here:

Outside of Xojo, you can find other videos from Bob Keeney:

And there is the Xdev Magazine and book library:

I hope this helps!

Thanks, Paul! Some more info. We, BKeeney Software, have about 65 hours of training video available to subscribers at http://xojo.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/. This Xojo web app has served up 11,000 hours (really!) of video to people all over the world. While most of it is one off topics we do have a couple of start to finish projects (two desktop and one web projects). Nearly all come with sample code you can use in your own projects.

Thanks everyone! This should be a great start. I’m definitely most interested in serial, USB & TCP / IP control & vector control, but I have plenty to take in before I make anything “useful” :stuck_out_tongue:

What types of app are you interested in developing? It takes longer to learn everything Xojo can do rather than starting on a specific area.

@Hal Gumbert , I’m most interested in building a controller for serial connected devices. For example, using buttons and sliders to send a series of string commands to move a motor. I have successfully connected to one said serial device and created a few simple actions using buttons.

My knowledge of coding is limited to web (JS, PHP…) so despite my incredibly early successes / highs, today has brought me back down to earth :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. So you got sending the commands working. Next question is were you app should run like: Mac, Win, Linux, Rasp Pi, or Web?

With that decided, you can focus on how your interface to the hardware.

Off the bat, Windows & Mac. Linux would be a bonus, but not a necessity. Most of my Linux users end up asking me for an API so they can create their own hyper-specific applications.

On a side note, I see you’re located in Orlando. I’m just north of Orlando, myself! Small world :slight_smile:

Oh cool! We were talking long ago about starting a Xojo Central Florida Group… Would you be interested?

It sounds like you want to create Desktop Apps that can control devices. You can ignore the new framework, Web and iOS until you want to branch out. You’ll want to develop on Mac or Windows and you should be able to compile automatically for the other two.

Guessing, you will want to look into using a database, and saving your data. For the API, look into https://aloe.zone/

Thanks for the info Hal,

Yes, I would definitely be interested in a Xojo Central Florida Group.