Looking for Web Tips


I’ve been using Xojo for desktop apps for a while, but now want to do some web apps to replace a lot of our php forms.

I’m looking for any gotyas that I should avoid.

Basically I’ll be accepting input, including credit cart info, passing it to a php script that will handle passing the credit card info to Authorize.net, (Unless some one has a library to do this) and then Sending out some emails.

Some initial questions:

  1. I assume it’s easy to pass parameters to an Xojo Page, am I right?

  2. Should I keep all my Xojo web apps in the same Directory?

  3. Whats the best way to handle keeping common data like the database credentials so more than one program can access them?

  4. How do you handle sessions?

  5. Is there any docs that go into any of this?

I am going to the conference next week and plan on attending a few web sessions. Any recommendations?



Spend some time playing. A Xojo Web Edition app is self-contained, and it looks and feels more like a “widget” than a standard web page.

  1. Stick them in a common configuration file you can find at runtime. Obviously make sure your installation is secured so that the file can’t leak out on its own.

  2. Web Edition handles user sessions for you. Communication between them is really easy.

  3. (just 7, because). If you have the server chops or are just plain technologically undeniable, have a go with stand-alone deployment before convincing yourself that CGI is the only option.