Looking for some UI suggestions

Any suggestions on how I can make it obvious, customers can click on the elements in the calendar view to get more information (everything but the white space).

I had (rather poorly) assumed that customers would naturally click on these, but I have a bunch of e-mails to prove otherwise.

The same goes for the buttons in the sidebar, I am certain if some customers don’t know they can click on calendar elements, they don’t know they can click on the buttons in the sidebar.

For this, a popup arrow could do it (like with a bevel button).

Don’t know for the calendar, though.

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Ive tried it and fall into the ‘people who got it’ camp.

But: like many iOS apps, its not foolproof/obvious what is clickable.
The buttons dont look like buttons (although they are better than iOS’ clickable text which is an abomination) … maybe make them a more contrasting color , or as suggested above , gain a dropdown arrow.
Or make them actual labels, and put a [?] button next to them.

A zoom on the calendar might help.
You have flyover info already, click or not. (Which screen grab doesnt quite capture… see below)
Maybe add ‘Click for more info’ to the flyover text?

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which buttons? :sweat_smile:

The one captioned “Long insomnia” is a button? way to wide to be obvious, maybe a label with the data and a more obvious square-ish button with a “more info” icon?

About the calendar, TBH, I dont even understand it. Which ones are the elements?
Orange lines?
Red lines?
Orange, Green, Red icons?
Gray squares?

To look like as clickable, it must be an object by itself first, NOT only a color. Maybe a round rect with a shadow and allways with some kind of margin from the cell.

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Visual prompts when something is first seen, be that an icon, button or column entry, e.g. a little bubble “press me to see xyz” that goes away when they press where instructed. Everything these days is so minimalist its sometimes not obvious that can be interacted with.

Why not emulate the Calendar app ? With some luck, users already familiar with it will click on events.

the interface already looks efficient. Why not open little pop-up window with a short movie explaining “you can click this and this…” first time user opens this window?

As the cursor passes over an element, outline it in another color.

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